Inductive sensors
The miniature integrated circuit proximity switch. can be installed in a narrow and compact space. installation simply, high in precision and good in anti-interference. The first choice for high precision equipment and small object detection.the voltage range:10-30VDC
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: Ф3 Ф4 M4 M5 Ф6.5 Ф8 M8
Square proximity switch sensor: S5 S8 S10
Universal Standard Type
Conventional inductive proximity sensors are widely used in all automation processes for location, counting and limit protection. No contact and wear mode ensures long service life of the sensor, high switching frequency and repetition precision, extremely strong shock proof, dustproof and waterproof capability (the whole series of product protection grade IP67) to ensure the reliability of the sensor and the excellent adaptability of the environment.
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: Ф12 M12 M18 M30
Square proximity switch sensor: S16 S18 CS18 S28 GS40 LS40
Corrosion Resistant Sensor
FAPT series sensor is made of corrosive polytetrafluoroethylene material shell and anticorrosive cable. It is Professional in reliable detection of corrosive environment of strong acid and strong alkali, and has strong ability to resist magnetic interference. It is the first choice in electroplating, medical treatment, oxidation cleaning industries
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: M8 M12 M18 M30
Namur Proximity Sensor
Namur's security type proximity sensor, IS's principle is to consciously limit the power of the dangerous area, so that any possible spark or hot spot of the circuit will be extremely weak and not detonated. Applicable to petroleum, chemical, spraying, electric power and other fields
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: Ф4 M5 Ф6.5 M8 M12 M18 M30
Square proximity switch sensor: LS40
Analog Output Sensor
The analog output sensor is used for measuring the non-contact displacement of metal objects, measuring range 1-20mm, standard analog 0-10VDC, 4-20mA output or simultaneous output. High precision linear analog output, IP67 protection level. It is used for automatic retractable and irregular arc positioning.
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: Ф6.5 M8 M12 M18 M30
Square proximity switch sensor: GS40 LS40
Metal Face Proximity Sensor
The integrated stainless steel shell (V4A/316L), specially designed for the food and beverage packaging industry of the IP68+IP69K protection grade, 3 times the detection distance, can ensure the water resistance of high temperature and high pressure cleaning, can resist corrosion cleaning agent, acid corrosion. Suitable for food and beverage, medicine, machine tools, marine ships and other industries.
Standard universal type: M8 M12 M18 M30
Only for Fe detection: M8 M12 M18 M30
Only for Cu detection: M8 M12 M18 M30
Only for Al detection: M8 M12 M18 M30
Anti - Magnetic Interference Type
Electromagnetic effect can cause electrical performance to decline or not work normally, high pressure breakdown, device burn out or instantaneous interference, surge impact, influence circuit work transmission. The FBW series diamagnetic products adopt the anti degaussing shielding technology to reduce the interference of electromagnetic sensors and ensure the stable and accurate transmission of electrical signals. It is used for welding, electrophoresis, electroplating and other strong magnetic interference environment.
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: M8 M12 M18
Anti-Welding Slag Type Sensor
FBFT anti welding slag series products are made by German advanced Teflon technology, which are evenly and firmly attached to the shell and installation accessories of the sensor. Thus, it can endure high temperature dense welding sparks and instantly hit the slag splashed to the shell of the sensor. By virtue of this characteristic, it prevents the accumulation of slag and thus effectively protects the welding slag. The internal electrical apparatus is not damaged by magnetic and high temperature. A proximity sensor specially designed for automotive welding process.
Cylindrical proximity switch sensor: M8 M12 M18 M30
High / Low Temperature Sensor
Because of the influence of ultra high or ultra-low temperature, the sensor causes drift and hysteresis, it is normal-on and damaged. FBT high temperature / low temperature series proximity sensor, mainly for the environment beyond the normal working temperature range (-25-70 C), from -40 to +250 C to provide reliable detection way, widely used in steel blast furnace, railway track, power stations, aircraft, boilers, outdoor advertising and other commercial industry.
Low temperature -40℃: M8 M12 M18 M30
High temperature 120℃: M8 M12 M18 M30
High temperature 150℃: M12 M18 M30
High temperature 180℃: M18 M30
High Pressure Resistant  Sensor
FBH high pressure series proximity sensor, according to different applications, a stainless steel durable shell and solid ceramic disk induction surface packaging; the other type of stainless steel integrated packaging, resistant to 500Bar pressure. It is suitable for construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, deep-sea operation equipment and so on.
Pressure 500Bar: M12 M14
Ring Type Sensor
FAP-20R series ring sensor, a variety of aperture can monitor small metal parts, dynamic and static two working principles, with sensitivity adjustment and delay adjustment function,The highest frequency is up to 10KHZ. It is the first choice for the detection of objects (screws, springs, etc.). It is suitable for monitoring of automatic screw machinery, spring machinery and solder wire.
Ring detection proximity switch sensor: R05 R10 R15 R21
Ring detection - with delay function: R05 R10 R15 R21
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