Macher brand technical support
Dongguan Macher Industrial Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides reliable technical services and mature industry experience for sensors, semiconductors and other products to franchise agents, providing systematic product training, product marketing, on-
Macher brand franchise marketing services
东莞市马赫工业电气设备有限公司为加盟商提供“马赫”品牌全方位推广及销售服务,专业的市场运营团队进行品牌策划、企业运营,帮助代理更好的进行品牌推广和产品销售。 Dongguan Mach Industrial Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides franchisees with comprehensive promotion and sales services for the "Macher" brand. A professional market oper
send inventory on the same day
Spot immediately, Unlimited quantity, on the same day before 17:00 order, issued the same day, a special customized model fast delivery, not due to the long delivery time affect production.
After Sale Support
Macher offers you fault detection and repair services Your purchased product has a one-year warranty from the date of shipment We ensure you get faster after-sales service
Site installation support
No matter where you are can contact us, our senior technology to quickly answer your on-site installation problems
Free paper samples available
Contact us, you do not need to pay any fees, our comprehensive catalog quickly mail to you.
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