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About Us

Macher is committed to the highest quality products and service in the sensor industry. We have a catalog of thousands of products, and can make custom sensors for any application you need. All of our products go through rigorous testing and have ISO9001, CE and ROHS certifications. Our sensors are found worldwide in many products and industries, and we are confident that Macher is your best choice for top of the line service and sensor products. We look forward to hearing how we can serve you.


We promote active development in sensor technology to ensure you get the best, most current products at the best value. Our R+D team is constantly looking at new ways to improve what we can offer to you.


We are committed to abiding by the highest standards of ethics and compliance. Our integrity and corporate culture is paramount to ensuring not only our success, but making sure we can deliver for our clients every time our services are needed as well. Whether it is managing interactions with customers, vendors, our staff, or ensuring that our products are compliant with environmental and health regulations, we will always adhere to the commitment to doing so with the highest integrity and we are committed to this being a part of how we operate and communicate every day.


We have highly experience technical support and sales teams to help you get the most complete service possible as fast as possible. We have also implemented tools to improve workflow and make communication more efficient. 

Sustainable Development

We are actively generating new ideas to ensure our development timeline is in a position to help our customers grow with us continually from now into the future. 

Environmental Compliance

We are dedicated to the objective of developing and making products with environmental impact in mind. Our forward thinking towards spurring new development opportunities and technologies will help us improve everyone's lives together. We take great pride in knowing our products will never harm the environment.


We understand that our success as an organization begins with our staff and the success we can bring to them. We are committed to attracting the highest qualified people by focusing on advanced training and development, creating a safe and pleasant work environment, pursuing a diverse and inclusive culture, and sticking to firm values. Our goal is to make Macher the best place to work, so we can deliver the best products and services to our customers worldwide.

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