The MACHER proximity sensor provides positioning detection solutions for civil aircraft, commercial aviation, military aviation, space launch, satellite and space station systems, providing information on the work of spacecraft, fault diagnosis, providing
The MACHER sensors that can be used in harsh environments have excellent sealing, waterproof and dust proof grades. MACHER sensors are used in submarines, military underwater robots, military underwater automatic mechanical devices and other military appl
New Energy
Macher’s custom TBB series of products are used in printing and transportation of silicon plates for photovoltaic applications with or without precise positioningas well as in the ultrasonic cleaning process in the silicon plate corrosion positioning and
Robot And Intelligent Equipment
The ultra-small and ultra-short series of Macher sensors are widely used in joint positioning of robots; ultra-small size and lighter weight can be installed near the jaws and suction cups of the robotic arm to help monitor whether the objects being gripp
MACHER proximity sensors are corrosion resistant, and can sense oil pressure, water pressure, sealing, and ship manufacturing applications are also very good, stable and reliable.
Textile Industry
Macher analog series provide cost-effective solutions for high-frequency amplitude positioning spinning. Our ultra-compact products provide the best means for the detection of high-precision positioning and speed.
MACHER proximity sensors are used in the steel industry for cold rolling, hot rolling, blast furnace iron and other modern metallurgical applications, and in anti-dust and anti-oil evnironments. Macher sensors can handle instantaneous temperature differen
MACHER proximity sensors are widely used in the medical industry for test tube testing, pill tablets with or without testing, pill tablets count, pill positioning detection, medical lifts, ECG equipment, EEG equipment, CT equipment, and B-equipment.
Machine Tools
MACHER has nearly 40 years of positioning and measurement solutions experience in the metal processing industry. FBM stainless steel integrated series of products can not only handle strong vibration and corrosive chemicals (which can be soaked in oily an
Logistics Stacking
In warehousing and luggage sorting line, Macher has the longest distance in the world with the same specifications. The long detection distance can make up for the instability caused by the sway error. Good resistance to high and low temperature, anti vib
Food Processing
Macher has a high degree of protection for IP68 / 69K on food production lines, ensuring safe use of food during contact with food. There are also non-contact liquid level tests for full milk filling.
Construction Machinery
Macher sensors are certified for use on mobile vehicles and have a reliability life test for up to 8 years. They are widely used in position detection of refuse collection vehicles, wet gears for gear speed and up and down level control of vehicle water t
Animal Husbandry Machinery
Macher Sensors has developed a capacitive sensor with adjustable sensitivity of 8 turns, based on the environment and characteristics of food and livestock equipment, and handles lower level control of cereals and the level control of automatic feeders.
Macher sensors have a professional response to automotive welding, assembly and painting near the proximity sensor. For welding applications, Macher provides anti-welding slag, high temperature, anti-magnetic interference with our FBFT products. For assem
Internet Of Thing
Macher sensors keep pace with the times. Our IQ-sensor intelligent sensors and sensors with IO-LINK communication can be embedded through the bus to the internet of things, instead of relying on human vision, touch, and hearing to achieve intelligent moni
Printed Package
Macher sensors are used in printing and packaging equipment, mainly for slot detection sensors for label detection, single and double inspection sensors for automatic feed, high speed speed sensors for gears, color sensors for color recognition.
Rail Transit
The MACHER proximity sensor is used in all aspects of rail transit due to its outstanding performance, stability, and outstanding performance in harsh environments. the track orbit automatic change in place, the pantograph movements, the opening and closi
Macher sensors are mainly used in oil exploration and transportation equipment, pipeline valve full open and fully closed position detection, lifting equipment limit protection, and tanker automatic gun monitoring.
Beverage Canning
Macher filling line sensor has a very unique application cases. Macher beam type sensor can penetrate non-transparent objects and detect inside a bottle with high speed
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