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(MACHER) sensor is brilliant in large rubber and plastic equipment

The 2019 Guangzhou International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" has just finished. MACHER capacitive proximity sensor material level detector has made great achievements in many domestic and foreign manufacturers'equipment.

The application of MACHER sensor in film technology, medical plastic technology, double-color forming manufacturing technology and multi-layer injection technology has been innovating constantly, creating a durable, resistant and anti-jamming sensor application scheme for users. The auxiliary processing equipment of feeding system mainly includes drying, conveying, measuring and mixing equipment.

Centralized feeding equipment is mostly used in large-scale, automated production process. The equipment is centralized controlled by computer. Various raw materials are weighed proportionally through the metering device and then entered into the mixer. The hopper is equipped with capacitive proximity sensors, which can automatically open or close the storage bucket on the conveying pipeline according to the amount of material. The difficulty of accurate measurement is solved by feeding the required materials in proportion and accurately. The application and development of plastic auxiliary equipment has become the main competitive advantage of the market, which is mainly due to the innovation of technology and concept. In the process of innovation, MACHER capacitive level sensor also occupies a place in innovation.

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