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How to make the detection of capacitance sensor more stable and reliable

At present, the limitation of capacitance sensor is put forward. Flexible capacitance sensor is put forward. The sensor characteristics, sensing mechanism and the influence of temperature on its sensing characteristics are put forward. Adding a small amount of carbon nanotubes in the dielectric layer of capacitance sensor can not only improve the reference capacitance value of sensor, improve the anti-interference ability of sensor, but also effectively provide the sensitivity of sensor. In the detection range, the linearity between the sensor capacitance and pressure is better.

The basic components of capacitive proximity sensor are very similar to inductive proximity sensor. However, the detection module is composed of an electrostatic capacitor and a high frequency oscillator with the detection terminal and the grounding as the two poles. The capacitance sensor will output a signal to control the device. When the detected object is close to the sensing surface, the capacitance will increase.

In practical use, the temperature of the environment always changes with time, which has an impact on the characteristics. Macher sensor has high sensitivity, fast response speed and is not easily interfered by environmental factors. The application ambient temperature reaches - 25 ℃ to + 70 ℃. Capacitance tbb-18d08n1-d355, tbb-12d03n1-d3, tab-12d06n1-d3, tbb-18d08n1-d3, tab-18d15n1-d3, tap-18d15a1-a2lp, tbp-18d16n1-d3, tbp-18d08n1-d3, tbpt-18rd08n1-d355, tap-30s10p1-d3 have the advantages of simple structure, Macher proximity switch, easy manufacture and high precision of proximity sensor, very small size, high resolution, good dynamic response characteristics, etc.
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