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Detection of Car Braking Action-Inductive Proximity Switch

Macher Mach sensor manufacturers can provide a wide range of proximity switch products, as shown in the figure, the smallest range of small proximity switch sensors can be as small as 0.6mm. Minimal detection distance proximity switch models such as FBS-03X0.6N1-D3, FBS-03X01N1-D3, FBS-04X0.8N1-D3, FBS-04X01N1-D3, FBS-04X01N1-D3, FBS-04X01N1-D3, FBS-04X1.5N1-D3 can detect devices with extremely stable travel.

It is well known that the car of the elevator is very heavy. Although the elevator has a counterweight to balance the weight of the car, when the elevator is stationary, it still needs a mechanism like brake to lock the elevator. The brake on the tractor is this kind of device. When it holds tightly, the brake pad holds tightly to the tractor wheel, just like the brake mechanism of an automobile. In order to ensure the long-term safe operation of the elevator, the elevator controller must use proximity sensors to detect the holding and releasing state of the brake at all times.
Because the brake-holding movement is very small, for example, it is only 0.4mm, so the sensor's measurement range must be very small, for example, less than 0.8m. Many tractors use lever mechanism to enlarge the action stroke of the brake, and then use micro-switch to detect the state of the brake, but the more direct scheme is to use micro-range inductance proximity switch to detect the position of the brake.
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