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Design and installation of Mach sensor on the inner wall of car roof

The sensor is installed on the freight car to monitor the switch of the car door, which is installed on the inner wall of the freight car top. It is required to be installed well. It is better to have its own screw hole, and the shape is better to be "L". The sensor shall not touch the door, with a spacing of 20mm. The sensor can work normally in shaking and vibration environment, and can work normally in 50 ℃ environment to prevent rain and fog.

The specific working mode is that the Macher sensor is connected to the wireless video recorder (host). When the door is opened, the macher sensor can give a signal to the host. After the host obtains the signal, the control camera intercepts the video and uploads it to the server. When the door is closed, the signal is interrupted and the video interception is ended.

Considering all factors, it is recommended to use proximity switch fab-18d20n1-d3, inductive proximity switch fab-18d20p1-d3, inductive proximity sensor fab-18d20p3-d4, fbb-30d22n1-d3, long-distance proximity sensor fab-30d25n1-d3 and short proximity switch fbb-30d22n1-d335 in the design. The sensor does not contact the door and the safety distance is 20mm. The door opening and closing mechanism is monitored by the sensor. The sensor is widely used for its unlimited installation position, safety and reliability.
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