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Application of Macher Sensor in Motor Speed Measurement

The speed control of the escalator is much simpler than that of the car elevator. The speed of the escalator is not very fast. Generally, the speed of the escalator will not exceed that of the normal person, such as 0.7m/s. If it runs too fast, it will make people uncomfortable, easy to fall or bring more security risks. When pedestrians step on the escalator, they need to maintain a uniform speed. Therefore, the motor speed measurement of the escalator does not need to use the traditional method any more. In the encoder detection, only the proximity switch sensor is used to detect the synchronous gear of the motor, and the obtained signal pulse frequency corresponds to the speed of the motor. In order to determine the direction of motor operation, two proximity sensors need to be installed. The approach switch for escalator speed measurement has two special performances that need to be paid attention to.

Firstly, the escalator motors are often installed in pits with poor heat dissipation conditions; Mach sensors have many types of high temperature proximity sensors, which can be used in the temperature range up to 200 degrees, and a variety of temperature ranges (80; 120; 150; 180; 200) and installation options, using high temperature resistant materials, stainless steel shell and Teflon cable. Common models of escalators are: FBT-08D02N1-D3-120; FBT-12D04N1-D3-120; FAT-18D08N1-D3-150;

Second, the proximity switch sensor should be anti-electromagnetic interference type, because the installation distance of the proximity sensor is very close to the motor, and the cabin space is narrow and closed.

The elevator speed proximity switch is shown in the figure.
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