The MACHER proximity sensor provides positioning detection solutions for civil aircraft, commercial aviation, military aviation, space launch, satellite and space station systems, providing information on the work of spacecraft, fault diagnosis, providing
The MACHER sensors that can be used in harsh environments have excellent sealing, waterproof and dust proof grades. MACHER sensors are used in submarines, military underwater robots, military underwater automatic mechanical devices and other military appl
New Energy
Macher’s custom TBB series of products are used in printing and transportation of silicon plates for photovoltaic applications with or without precise positioningas well as in the ultrasonic cleaning process in the silicon plate corrosion positioning and
Robot And Intelligent Equipment
The ultra-small and ultra-short series of Macher sensors are widely used in joint positioning of robots; ultra-small size and lighter weight can be installed near the jaws and suction cups of the robotic arm to help monitor whether the objects being gripp
MACHER proximity sensors are corrosion resistant, and can sense oil pressure, water pressure, sealing, and ship manufacturing applications are also very good, stable and reliable.
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